Awesome Ways to Use Cocktail Tables for Events in Dubai

Gold Bar Chair, Gold High Chair, Gold Cocktail Table

The great thing about cocktail tables rental for events is that they work for every kind of occasion and set up. You can use them instead of traditional tables and chairs for gatherings like weddings and birthdays, and you can also use them for corporate events like galas and trade shows. The compact but stylish design of cocktail tables also makes them handy for when you need to accommodate more guests in a small venue. Want more awesome ideas on how to use cocktail tables in Dubai? Here you go:

Socials and networking

Cocktail tables are widely used not only because they look classy, but also because they encourage socialization. Since there’s no fixed sitting arrangement, people can hop from table to table and get to know each other. If you have a diverse audience, this set up can be a great way to compel them to meet and socialize in small groups.

Pre and post-event

A cocktail table is a great choice for pre-event gatherings in occasions like weddings. You can setup cocktail tables outside the main reception venue while waiting for all the guests to arrive. There, you can serve breakfast or light food and beverages too. You may also set up cocktail tables for post-event gatherings where drinks are served.

Networking and marketing events

Do you have a trade show or networking event coming up? Instead of the traditional tables and chairs, opt for cocktail tables. This will allow sales and marketing people, and their prospective clients to network freely. Cocktail tables create a relaxing yet dressy ambiance, which can positively impact how your event is perceived.

Speaker-centered events

Sometimes, using cocktail tables during a speaker-centered event is very effective. They can help direct the attention of the people to the speaker or on the performance on stage. 

Another great thing about cocktail tables for events is that they can be decorated and styled in different ways. You may use them as is or cover them with tablecloths. If you want to add more fun to your cocktail event, you can look for LED cocktail tables. These tables are great for night outdoor events, dance parties, and also galas.

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