How can I place a booking?

Did you finalize what you will need for your event? great, all you need to do now is give us a list of your final break down of quantity required from the rental furniture, decor or any other event service we may provide you. please specify a location, an event delivery date and dismantling. it would be great if you can also specify the timing for your delivery. please note that delivery charges vary depending on the emirate.

Please allow Areeka’s Team some time to check the availability for all the items you require, we will then send you a quote for your approval. once you agree with all the terms and conditions and all information is accurate and acceptable. you may now make your payment by bank transfer / cash / cheque. and we will issue a booking confirmation with a reference number that starts with RB/0***.

Now you have a confirmed booking and your order is ready to be delivered.

Can I pick up the order myself? What are the conditions for self pick up?

Yes, you can absolutely pick up the orders yourself or arrange for a transportation company to pick it up on your behalf. This of course applies to furniture rental in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 

If you opt to have the delivery / set up / dismantling done from your side at your own cost. Please bear in mind that we will require a refundable security deposit prior to the pick. The amount will be based on the quantity of rental furniture you are booking. Once all is returned safely and in its original condition then you can collect your payment back with thanks.   

Are you able to deliver at any time?

Yes, in fact our team works around the clock, we deliver any time of the day and night and any day of the week. However, our sales and administrative office will remain closed during weekends and after 6 PM.

for all your furniture rental needs in dubai and Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE, we kindly request you to finalize all delivery requests at least 2 days prior to the scheduled date in order for us to properly and smoothly serve you.

How does your set up work?

Very Simple process, if you book our event furniture rental service, our team will contact you before arriving to the specified site. we will take an event set up briefing from you, including loading bay, access areas and access cards as well as floor plans and other related instructions. our team will then offload at the specified area and make their way to the set up area where they will start placing the items in line with your floor plan, then unwrap all items, clean anything that requires cleaning, align and arrange as per the request, and it is time to leave, they will ask you to sign a delivery note once you are happy with the work.

What type of events do you cater for?

We Cater to all sorts of events, from food festivals, music festivals and large scale weddings and corporate events to private parties and celebrations. Just let us know what your event need is and we will let you know how we will be able to assist!

Do you deliver in other cities of UAE?

Yes, In fact we deliver to all Emirates within the UAE as well as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. We can Either take care of the logistics on your behalf or we can happily help you arrange for the logistics from your end.

Do you manufacture customized furniture for different events?

Yes we can cater for customization requirements. You contact us for backdrops, new sofa designs, new customized chairs, customized wedding tables, customized wedding chairs as well as wedding and event decor.

Do you have furniture for corporate events in Dubai/Abu Dhabi?

Yes, in fact we specialize in corporate event rentals. We can provide event furniture rental in Dubai / Abu Dhabi and the larger UAE or provide you other services such as build-ups, set ups, management of the flow and other event management services. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Do you design and manufacture exhibition kiosk and stalls?

Yes we do, we will simply take your event / stand briefing and design something according to your instructions / needs and venue requirement. After combining all the event information from you we will can then proceed with the quotes and bookings. This service is free of charge for pre-paid events. We may request an advance payment for large copy-written designs as well as detailed 3D renders.

Do you have furniture based on different themes?

Yes we do, even though we are specializing in the corporate event rentals, our vast inventory of event furniture rental includes themed furniture for hire, you can browse our products for black rental furniture, outdoor rental furniture, wedding rental furniture, rustic rental furniture, cocktail party rental furniture amongst many other types for themed event furniture rentals.

Can I pay with my credit card or online?

No, unfortunately this service is currently on hold to avoid any risks with customer privacy. However, we do entertain a bank transfer to the numbers mentioned on our rental / sales quotation that we send to you upon your request.

My requirement has recently changed, can I amend the booking I have made?

Yes, to a certain extend of time, the latest time to amend a booking quantity is 48 before the delivery. This is of course to avoid any quality compromise and to give our team an adequate time to prepare for your delivery especially if you wish to increase the quantity required. However, if all items are available and ready to go then there should not be any reason to stop an amendment.

What are the cancellation charges?

The cancellation charges are as per the company policy, they are written at the bottom of every event rental quotation and / or event sales quotation. Here they are for your reference.

  • 30% of the invoiced amount if the client cancels 1 week before the delivery
  • 75% of the invoiced amount if the client cancels 24 hours before the delivery
Do you customize Furniture for different themes of an event?

Yes, we customize furniture/decor/accent to suit every possible event requirement. We have our in-house production team – carpentry, steel works, upholstery and painting that allows for this kind of service. Because of our in-house production, not only can we customize, we can also produce completely new items, as required. This is what gives us our edge in the industry. We provide the complete package for a stress free event!

Can I sublease your items?

Our service is to provide you with event furniture rentals, event décor and furniture sales, build up and set up of temporary structures and such… what you choose to do with it afterwards is your choice. What matters to us the most is that in case we provide you a service of event furniture rental, we expect you to bring us back the items in the same condition you have taken it in. If you fail to do so, then we expect you to take full liability of the repair of the damage.

Do you offer the service of event planning/Execution?

Yes, we offer event planning and execution. We do medium to large scale event planning services. We have a team of experts who will be able to provide the best service. We will require a minimum of 3 months’ preparation for large scale events and a minimum of 30 days for medium scale events. You can contact us any time for a more in-depth discussion on the service details.

Do you supply Tents?

Yes we do, we supply different tent sizes on rental and on sale basis. We kindly ask you to be specific with your requirement and allow us to do a site visit to ensure no element in the environment will interrupt our installation. In terms of capability, we are able to provide 3x3m tent, 4x4m tent, 5x5m tent,5x10m tent, 5x15m tent, 10x10m tent, 15x10m tent, 20x20m tent, 20x25m tent, 20x30m tent and such. We do deliver to Abu Dhabi Dubai and the larger UAE on demand