Wedding Furniture Rental in Dubai: Top 5 Money Saving Tips Without Sacrificing Quality!

The elegance of your event is dependent on the quality of rental party furniture you use. This also determines the level of comfort your event guests will experience. The best thing in Dubai is there are reputable companies who can assist you. They will hep you choose and set up fixtures for your ceremony and reception venues. This will save you great time and energy. Most companies will also help you save by providing full service. We, at Areeka Event Rentals, will be glad to provide you cost-effective furniture and décor rental. We will ensure that you get the high-quality products you deserve. Once you have us in mind to help you get through the details of your upcoming event. All you need to do are these simple things:



Go over the inventory of products

Areeka Event Rentals is a seasoned rental party furniture provider. We have been in the event industry for quite some time. We carry a wide variety of products with competitive rental prices. Our inventory suits an array of wedding concepts and themes. Through the years, we continue delivering the highest quality items. These we achieve through constant innovation and utmost attention to details. Our team is here to meet your standards in terms of quality and product condition. This is our way to deliver your needs and transform your venue into something out of a dream wedding.

Verify the flexibility of the venue

You can save money and avoid a lot of stress and frustration by simply checking with your venue. Find out when they can receive your furniture delivery and release them after the event. We, at Areeka Event Rentals, are flexible when it comes to delivery, set-up and pick up timings. Let us know your most preferred time and count that we will be there.

Pick Dual-Purpose Seating

There are certain types of chairs and rental party furniture that are useful for both the ceremony and reception. This will help you eliminate the need to spend on multiple sets of chairs and furniture pieces when a venue changeover is required. Simply ensure that the venue can accommodate the changeover process. Most importantly, Areeka Event Rentals will be with you to make it happen.

Consider Round Tables

Some wedding venues will leave you with very little room to work on your seating arrangement. Don’t sweat it! You can always consider round tables. Place 60-inch and 72-inch round tables in alternates and you will end up with a whimsical effect. Moreover, it will add a touch of fun and you end up having a striking visual element.

Rent furniture only from a single provider

Working with several wedding furniture rental companies will potentially increase your costs. Usually, it will add up to your delivery and setup expenses. Furthermore, it will require you to coordinate with several teams during set ups. Make things simple by having a single rental party furniture company to do the full setup. We, at Areeka Event Rentals, will send you a professional team who give you the best possible event setup,. These minus all the confusion that working with several companies may cause.



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