Planning A Party? A Definitive List of Furniture and Accessories You Must Include

Your party is coming up, the guess and venues have been planned and you need furniture and accessories on rental.  Pieces such as tables and chairs are more than just functional. They can actually impact the mood and ambiance of your event. Thus, when planning a party, make sure that you choose high-quality and stylish furniture and accessories. Look into the following:

Stylish chairs

Steer clear of plain plastic chairs that look flimsy and distasteful. Instead go for elegant and sleek seating like Chiavari/Tiffany chairs. Similarly,  Acrylic or Dauphin Ghost and gunmetal chairs can do the trick. Lastly,  there’s the classic Dior chairs. You may also opt for modern, contemporary designer seating to get a touch of class.

Arabic Majlis Furniture and Accessories Rental

For traditional parties, you will need high-quality Arabic Majlis furniture and accessories rental that can provide a dedicated space for VIPs and guests of honors to sit comfortably. Choose stylish pieces in colours or patterns that will suit your party theme. The selection includes single- and double-seater sofas, low tables, and single arm chairs.

LED Furniture

Create interesting spaces and textures in your party venue with LED furniture and accessories. The pieces can create a futuristic, high-end vibe that can stimulate an exciting party atmosphere. These are a great option if you want a lively event. Areeka Event Rentals carry a wide selection of LED furniture and accessories. Our options range from cocktail tables to contemporary egg chairs, ice buckets, bars, stools, coffee tables, and benches.

Platforms and staging

Consider adjustable staging panels that are flexible and can be set up according to your unique layout. Rest assured, these are durable and capable of being deployed on up to 20 degrees of slope.


Depending on your furniture and accessories rental needs, Areeka Event Rentals can set up any table you require. Be it coffee tables, high tables or cocktail tables. We also have bars, counters, dining tables, side and office tables and desks at your event.



About the Author

Areeka Event Rentals offers premium quality furniture and accessories on rent for corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, private parties, weddings and outdoor events. Our team of dedicated specialists will be happy to assist you in selecting from a wide range of stylish products to elevate your event to the highest level. Call us on 04 832 6646 to book the furniture for your event in advance.