Tips in Hiring Furniture for an Event

Wooden Cocktail Table, Rectangular Cocktail Table, High Table, Rustic High Table, Black Bar Chair, Metal Bar Chair

When hiring rental furniture for a party or an event for a client, it is important to have an idea how to go about it. This way, you will not waste time going in circles. This will also minimize, if not avoid, problems that can occur along the way. Here are a few tips to consider:

Type of Furniture

The type of furniture entirely depends on the activities you wish to have in a party. If it’s a dinner, then you will need dining tables and chairs. For casual social gathering over cocktails, you can opt for high tables. If you wish for people to sit back and relax, you can use lounges. The activity within the event dictates the furniture you require. Forums will need chairs; exhibits would need seat and tables. Some events call for registration tables. Others would require buffet tables. In short, before you start selecting furniture, know what activities you would want to have in the event or party.

Select Your Furniture Provider

Once you have your activities laid out and your furniture requirement list is done, you may now start looking for a furniture provider. The market offers a lot of suppliers. You can visit their website and look at their portfolio. Download their catalogs and go through their collections. You can check on their pricing through their websites. If the prices are not there, you can give them a call. Just bear in mind that not all suppliers are the same. Some will offer cheaper prices; some will offer better quality. Bear in mind that in most cases, the cost is commensurate to the quality of pieces and the type of service you will get.

Selection of Pieces When Hiring Rental Furniture

Once you are decided on the supplier you wish to use, go through their catalogue and select the furniture pieces you want. Call the supplier and ask for a direct contact number. You might not find exactly what you are looking for. Share your reference images with the company’s representative. They can show you alternatives and send you better images. You can also ask for setup images from their events so you will have an idea how the furniture piece looks in a setup. If you want, you can ask for live pictures but remember, live pictures may be from a file. They do not necessarily reflect the actual condition of the furniture. Having mentioned this, it is always best to pick a supplier known to deliver quality pieces. A company who ensures they will deliver presentable, event-worthy stuffs.

Ask For A Quote

Once you have your selection and quantities, ask for a formal quote. This will give you a reference of the exact amount you will need to shell out. The market usually provides you prices per furniture piece. This does not necessarily include delivery and other incremental costs. Getting a quote from your supplier will let you know other charges that are not included in the furniture pricing. This includes cost for the trucks and labors. Make sure to ask your supplier if the delivery charge includes setup. Other costs can be gate pass costs to access your venue. You might also find charges for extra days. This applies to events that run for more than a day. Ask your supplier if there is anything in the quote that you do not understand. Your supplier will be able to expound on the charges. It is always best to know every detail before proceeding.

Confirm Order on Hiring Rental Furniture with Your Supplier

Once you have the quote and everything looks okay, confirm it with your supplier. Confirming the quote with a supplier means your supplier will lock the items for you on your event date. It is important to confirm at the earliest, since there is always a chance that some other event will confirm ahead of you and the furniture pieces will no longer be available. During this time, it will also be best to speak with your supplier on the exact date and time of delivery. Also, discuss with your supplier on payment terms. Do note that some suppliers will refuse to deliver your order without down payment, so it is best to settle these concerns ahead of time.

Lay-out your Confirmed Pieces

Once your order is finalized and you are ready to receive your furniture as per schedule, play your lay-out. This will save your time when your supplier comes to deliver the items. It will also avoid the hassle of transferring furniture pieces from one area to another because you did not have a plan. A layout plan saves you time and effort during the time of delivery.

Delivery and Setup When Hiring Rental Furniture

When your supplier delivers the items, speak with their lead personnel on where you want the pieces to be. To avoid problems, supervise them or have someone who knows what you want to supervise them on the setup. If your initial plan does not seem to work, advise them where to transfer the pieces. As these personnel are always doing setups, you can also ask their opinion and surely, they will give you ideas. Once setup in done, inspect your furniture pieces. Make sure all are clean and if the pieces need touch up, ask your supplier to do so before they leave.

Tear Down or Dismantling When Hiring Rental Furniture

Advise your supplier ahead of time before your dismantling schedule. Your supplier will need to schedule trucks and labors to come to your location for this and they might not be able to arrange for the same if you only give an hour’s notice. It is also advisable that someone from your end is present during tear down. This is to make sure that there will be no mix up of items. Should your supplier claim for damaged items, you or someone from your end can verify the same while the items are still at your venue. This will make you avoid paying for some damage that might not have occurred during your party.