Modern Comfort: Norfolk Wooden Sofas as Contemporary Arabic Seating

norfolk wooden sofas as contemporary

Majlis is traditionally a sitting room for special gatherings, whether religious or social. This multi-purpose space needs to be comfortable — designed for conversation and connection while also providing a practical environment for its various uses. Here at Areeka Event Rentals, we take the guesswork out of finding the ideal Arabic majlis seating for any occasion. Whether designing a traditional or contemporary sitting area, we have the pieces you need to create a cohesive look without compromising on quality, comfort, and luxury.

As a furniture rental provider, we have come across customers who want to create contemporary majlis to create welcoming and comfortable spaces for guests. So, we offer contemporary options like Norfolk Wooden Sofas to go with traditional seating. Norfolk’s understated yet rustic styling is perfect for indoor and outdoor events. We offer these sofas as two- and three-seaters that go well with the armchair version so you can create an ideal setup.

For modern comfort

Arabic majlis seating is crucial to Middle Eastern culture as it provides a traditional arrangement for receiving guests and keeping them comfortable. Traditionally, the formal seating area consists of floor cushions, pillows, carpets, and low benches arranged in a square or circle to encourage social interaction and promote a sense of community.

Additionally, majlis seating should help create a conducive space for important discussions that can impact problem-solving and decision-making. These lengthy talks can become uncomfortable when seated on floor cushions, especially for seniors or individuals with knee and joint problems or mobility issues. This is why modern event planners and interior decorators recommend contemporary seating options, such as Norfolk wooden sofas.

Respecting traditions

Choosing contemporary seating like Norfolk wooden sofas won’t completely detract from the traditions and values of Arabic culture. It shows your respect for guests and commitment to providing welcoming, comfortable spaces that promote communal living.

If you need Arabic majlis seating for any event, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Areeka. We have the most up-to-date pieces for sale or rent, including contemporary seating to go with them. You may also call us at +971 4 832 6646 for an estimate.