Embrace Tradition: Wooden Coffee Tables for Authentic Arabic Majlis

wooden coffee tables for authentic

At Areeka Event Rentals, we understand the importance of creating a warm and inviting space for your majlis. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of furniture that caters to both traditional and contemporary styles. No need to search elsewhere for the perfect finishing touch — we carry a wide variety of seating options alongside beautiful wooden coffee tables in Dubai.

The Majlis is an Arabic sitting area that has fostered connections and communication for generations, making it a special space for gatherings and special occasions. Traditionally, it’s arranged in a circle or square with floor seating options (such as carpets, low benches, pillows, or cushions) to encourage socialising and a sense of community. However, the arrangement and style have also kept up with the times and allow for contemporary pieces.

Create an authentic Arabic majlis.

Whether going for a contemporary or traditional majlis, it’s important to choose furniture that reflects Middle Eastern and Arabic values and traditions. Here at Areeka, we carefully picked pieces that exemplify Arabic hospitality, communal living, and respect for guests. This Walton Vintage Coffee Table adds functionality to your sitting area indoors or outdoors. Plus, it’s versatile for rustic setups at weddings and other social gatherings with that theme.

Aside from floor cushions, you can add sofas to go with a wooden coffee table in Dubai and still create an aesthetically pleasing majlis setup. See our range of Norfolk sofas and armchairs and pick the perfect piece to match the Walton Vintage Coffee Table.

Alternatively, check out the Norfolk Outdoor wooden coffee table for a contemporary majlis. This rustic table is versatile for outdoor and indoor lounges, too. Whether you choose Walton or Norfolk coffee tables, we guarantee our selection will make your majlis welcoming and memorable by exuding warmth, inclusivity, and generosity.

Complete your setup

Here at Areeka, you can find other pieces and accessories to complete your Arabic majlis setup. After choosing a wooden coffee table in Dubai, check out our range of daybeds, side tables, carpets, and tents to complement your other pieces.

Keep browsing our online catalogue here or call +971 4 832 6646 to get a quote from our experts. Our pieces are available for sale or rent, making us your one-stop source for high-quality event furniture in Dubai.