6 Tips to Improve the Interactive Experience at Your Events in 2023

Square Coffee Table, White Coffee Table, White Sofa, Leather Sofa, Single Seater Sofa

Events are the perfect places to mingle with friends, network, and make new connections. And if you are hosting more this year, it’s time you step up your game to improve everyone’s interactive experience. Besides choosing an appropriate venue, you must take the time to consider the furniture and décor. These elements may seem minor, but each piece you bring into the venue— including a bar counter in Dubai—can make a difference in encouraging people to interact and stay longer. Here are some tips to help make your events more successful.


  1. Create comfortable spaces


Keep your guests comfortable, and they will likely stay longer until your event ends. Choose high-quality bar furniture rental and pick stylish and comfortable pieces. You can also provide dedicated areas for specific activities at your event by setting up dividers. They can create semi-private spaces in your venue to accommodate VIPs or create a special resting area.


  1. Satisfy your guests’ senses


Add impactful furniture and decorative pieces to your event for a more immersive experience that can entertain your guests through their five senses. Some ideas include renting a LED bar counter in Dubai. You can complement it with a LED coffee or cocktail table, corner bar, and bar stool for a consistent look. Or incorporate attractive fabrics like rugs and carpets into your event setup.


  1. Add some personal touches


Custom pieces and small, unique elements can make a difference in making your event more memorable. Try decorative light installations like lamps, candle holders, vases, or an elaborate backdrop.


  1. Give out directions


Make sure your guests know where to go and stay by installing directional stands, stanchions, and barriers. These will also prevent guests from wandering into other spaces where they’re not supposed to go.


  1. Make sure the experiences are relevant to your brand


Are you hosting business-related events to showcase your brand? Choose pieces of furniture and décor that represent your brand identity. It will make an impact on your guests and help them associate the setup with your brand.

Where to get furniture for your event?


Whether it’s bar furniture rental or décor, our team at Areeka is ready to provide what you need. Explore our online catalogue here and contact us for a quote. We will also help you set up the furniture and decorations you will rent, so you can focus on planning your event.