5 Ideas for Styling a Coffee Table at a Party

Coffee tables paired with lounge chairs can enhance the ambience of a party by creating cosy spaces for guests. To achieve this, simply style these furniture pieces in line with your event’s theme and ensure they complement your overall decor.


However, remember that not all coffee tables are the same. If you plan to rent these pieces for your next event, opt for a versatile piece like a square glass coffee table. This style can seamlessly blend into various setups, from corporate lounges to modern-themed formal soirees.


Need help in styling? Check out these tips for inspiration:


  1. Add Arabic lamps


Glass coffee tables are sleek and elegant on their own, but if they feel a bit plain, you can elevate their look by placing an Arabic lamp on them. These lamps come in different sizes. Try combining small and medium lamps for an interesting look. Plus, they can add to your event’s ambience with their extra light.


  1. Place a carpet underneath


Rugs and carpets can easily add more style and sophistication to a square glass coffee table. They also help define the space and make it more welcoming, especially if it’s a lounging area.


  1. Candle holders and vases


Similar to lamps, vases and candle holders add more style to the coffee table to make it look and feel less dull. Just be sure not to go overboard and that they are not too large for the table.


  1. Flowers


Fresh flowers are among the easiest decorative elements to add to any surface, including coffee tables. Make sure they suit your theme or the occasion, especially if you’re decorating for a wedding.


  1. Add more depth to the design


Pile a few books or photo albums on the square glass coffee table. You can even open one to draw interest and make people browse the content.

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