What to Look for When Buying Sofas for Vacation Rentals

Furnishing your vacation rental may be fun and exciting, especially if inspired by the showrooms and catalogs of famous furniture stores. However, it’s easy to get carried away and buy certain things that may be inappropriate for your space. One of the mistakes you’re likely to make is buying the wrong sofa, which is among the most crucial pieces in a home. Most homeowners may find themselves with an uncomfortable or flat-cushioned sofa in Abu Dhabi with a throw over it.


That doesn’t sound like the most impressive thing in a living room. You might also be tempted to buy a cheap sofa that looks great but becomes uncomfortable for long-term use. To avoid falling investing in the wrong piece, we’ll give you some tips on what you should consider when buying sofas for your vacation rentals in Abu Dhabi:


Plan it out

Spend some time planning your purchase. Consider factors, such as the maximum and minimum size, style, material, and color range. Moreover, consider your interior design goals when selecting a sofa in Abu Dhabi.


Avoid cheap sofas

You’ll want your vacation rental to impress guests and provide comfort to them. That means buying high-quality and reasonably priced furniture, especially the sofa. Remember that the right sofa will be a worthy investment in the long run. It may even increase the comfort of your guests, so they will love your property more and consider rebooking on their next visit.


Consider the location

The location of your property could influence how guests will use it and your furniture. If there’s a pool or if it’s by the beach, you may want to avoid leather. You may also want to avoid warm materials like velvet if your vacation rental is in a place with a hot climate.


Consider a custom look

Sometimes, your dream sofa in Abu Dhabi might not be available anywhere. That’s where you can consider having a custom one made. Reputable event furniture and décor rental companies have an in-house team of upholstery and carpentry experts who can bring your design to life.