Wedding Arrangements and Decorations — Rented or Bought?

Is it better to rent the arrangements and decorations for your wedding? Or is buying your furniture still the best way to go? Décor rent services have their advantages and disadvantages. The right choice depends on your goals and requirements.

The best time to rent

  • When you want to save costs

Weddings can be extremely exorbitant. You must

 be careful to ensure that there is enough money for everything, from the bride and groom’s attire to the food, venue, entertainment, and overall production.

If you’re trying to save cash, décor rent is the best solution. It’s much more affordable to hire furniture than to buy it. You can then use the savings on more valuable aspects, such as the food and the photography services, for example.

  • When you want to save time

Weddings can also be time-consuming to plan and execute. Fortunately, you can leave the arrangement and decorating to a wedding supplier if you decide to rent their furniture. The best providers offer to set up and take down services. You can be sure that they will come to your event venue on time to set up the furniture and décor. They will also clean up afterward.

The best time to buy

  • When you want tangible memories

A wedding is an incredible milestone, and chances are, you’ll want to keep a few items from the event as a reminder. Hence, you can opt to purchase a few decorative pieces such as lamps, candle holders, and mirrors.

  • When you want something unique

Renting furniture means that what you see is what you get. You won’t have much freedom to customise, and you might have to make do with some pieces that don’t match the wedding’s theme perfectly. So, if you want pieces unique to your event, buying is the way to go.