Setting the Scene: The Art of Selecting Dining Table Sets in Abu Dhabi.

A dining table is not just a piece of furniture where you eat. It’s a place that should welcome everyone to share a meal while making memories over delicious food. Whether organising a festive feast or an intimate dinner, selecting the perfect furniture will let you make an aesthetically pleasing, inspiring, and welcoming space. Allow us to eliminate the guesswork in finding a dining table set in Abu Dhabi.

What we offer

Here at Areeka Event Rentals, we offer a range of dining table sets for rent and sale. If you have a special one-time occasion, allow us to provide a stylish and appropriate table and set it up for you. Likewise, you can count on us to sell a high-quality dining set to transform your home.

Our selection of tables caters to any occasion or group, from grand celebrations to intimate dinners. Plus, we can supply pieces that complement any theme, such as this Rustic Hairpin Grand Dining Table, which is perfect for similar-themed weddings and outdoor events. We recommend pairing it with the Hairpin Chair to create a comfortable and welcoming setup.

We understand local events and design needs.

As event furniture suppliers, we at Areeka Event Rentals understand what it takes to create a conducive dining space that exudes comfort and elegance. Like most of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is known for its lavish lifestyle. We can help you find the best dining table set in Abu Dhabi to bring more sophistication to your event or home.

Do you want to create the perfect outdoor setup? Check out this Clementine 8-seater dining table with square legs. It has a removable acrylic top that allows you to make elaborate table settings with colourful decorations like flowers, lights, or candles. Pair this table with our Clear Acrylic Chiavari chairs for a more comfortable luncheon, brunch, or gala dinner.

If you prefer a contemporary touch, we recommend dining tables with sleek, clean lines and monochromatic hues, like Le Minou Midnight Dining Table. The clear glass top and black bases provide an ideal setup for themed galas and VIP events.

Need help?

Don’t hesitate to chat with our experts here or call us at +971 4 832 6646 for more advice on finding the right dining table set in Abu Dhabi.