Choosing Interchangeable Furniture – It’s All About The Setup

Round Dining Table, White and Gold Dining Table, White Dining Armchair

In the UAE, you can rent interchangeable furniture. It’s a great way to use the same furniture design across several functional requirements. All to keep your event concept as cohesive as it can.

There are several ways to make your event unique and memorable. Some people choose lighting as their theme. Some get Arabic furniture. Others like to keep it neat. One more amazing way to bring that uniqueness in your event is to rent interchangeable furniture. These furniture pieces are adjustable and can be how you wish to use them. 

Interchangeable Le Minou Tables

The Le Minou table collection is comprised of several table top shapes with table bases in different heights. You can choose round, rectangular and square wooden table tops. Moreover, we even have a  large table top for a 10-seater. Apart from the wooden table tops, you can also use glass tops. The glass table tops also come in several sizes and shapes.

The Le Minou bases are in coffee, dining and cocktail heights. You can even use the bases on their own, as pedestals. So if you plan to utilize several tables with different functionality for one event, the Le Minou tables are a great option. With the Le Minou tables, you can rent interchangeable furniture pieces and use them altogether, without having to stray from your theme.

Rent Interchangeable Furniture Avalon Tables

Another great way to rent interchangeable furniture pieces is to opt for Avalon tables. The Avalon table collection is a mix of table tops and table legs. Wooden table tops are available in 4-seater squares, rectangular and rounds. The larger table tops are in quarter-moon, curved and large rectangular.

The table tops can be used with coffee table legs or dining table legs. The legs come in white or gold color. The Avalon tables are a great option for weddings and gala dinners. Furthermore, It let’s you use matching tables to fill your venue, without having to be boring.

Interchange Dior Chairs 

One great way to bring that classic, sophisticated look into your event setup is to use Dior Chairs. Our Dior chairs come with arms, or without. The Dior Armchair can be used as a VIP chair. The Dior Chair is ideal for a dinner setup. However, regardless of the event, the Dior chair can always do its wonders.

The pads for the Dior Chair and the Dior Armchair come in color options. We have whites, blacks and leather gold. You also have the option to customize the pads according to your event requirement. This way, you can explore several ideas and bring them to life through the Dior chairs.

On top of that, we also have the Midnight Dior Chair. A black Dior chair that exudes elegance and class.

Rent interchangeable furniture for your next event. Maintain harmony of theme with the pieces you use, without having to make do with monotony.