Party Equipment You Need to Celebrate an Outdoor Event

No celebration would be complete without event furniture. It can help your guests feel comfortable while setting the flow and the atmosphere for the occasion. Moreover, some of them hold cultural significance, such as the Majlis table in Emirati social events.

The must-have party furniture and equipment for your outdoor event


  • Outdoor furniture


Party furniture plays a significant role in your event. What’s great is that they’re highly versatile, allowing you to use bean bag cushions, coffee tables, and picnic benches for just about any occasion. 

However, some pieces of furniture are only appropriate depending on the nature of the event. Take the Majlis table, for instance. This item is widely used in Arabic homes, serving as the spot where the host family can meet guests. In addition, it is the central point for discussions about daily life, religion, politics, and heritage. 

LED furniture is also another example. These bright, colourful tables and chairs aren’t the best to use in broad daylight and well-lit venues. Instead, they are ideal for night-time celebrations and cocktail parties. 


  • Tent and umbrellas


The weather is unpredictable, and you don’t want to cancel your event so suddenly when the rain starts pouring. If you can’t secure an indoor venue, consider renting tents and umbrellas instead. 

These structures can protect your guests from external elements, keeping them safe and comfortable as you proceed with the itinerary. 


  • Heating or cooling 


It’s essential to keep your guests as happy as possible during the event. And depending on the season, this could mean renting extra heating or cooling appliances. For instance, placing a few air coolers around your venue during the summer can prevent attendees from feeling uncomfortable, while heaters will minimise complaints on a cold winter evening.

Need a premium Majlis table for your outdoor event? Consider renting it from a professional furniture rental company to save time and money.