Outdoor Umbrella in Dubai – An Amazing Idea for Open-Air Day Events

Outdoor Dining Set Up

Looking for a canopy? Outdoor umbrellas are available for rent in Dubai?

Outdoor day events are beautiful, but they can be difficult to plan and manage. With the sun rising so high, you definitely need to rent outdoor umbrellas in Dubai to beat the heat and the blinding glare. Tents are great, too, but if you are feeling creative and experimental, then choose umbrellas.

If you are having a picnic-style event or a beach wedding, renting beach umbrellas in Dubai is an amazing idea. You can set them up on each table for your guests so they can enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful stretch of the beach while staying comfortable under the shade. Using umbrellas instead of tents also helps you create a laidback and relaxing atmosphere. They will definitely work for both formal and casual events.

As with other décor elements, outdoor umbrellas in Dubai also come in different shapes and sizes. If you are interested in using them for your open-air day events, then it’s important to be familiar with the differences between these types and the advantages they offer.

• Table umbrella

These are the most affordable types of outdoor umbrellas. They come in different colors to match any furniture and outdoor décor.

• Free-standing

This type offers more flexibility. Many organizers like these outdoor umbrellas because they can be brought and installed in almost any location. Some even have an extra tilt function making them more versatile than others.

• Cantilever

This umbrella hangs from the side of the frame instead of the top. It often used for lodge areas, at the beach, or beside the pool.

Aside from the type, you must also consider the size and frame quality of your outdoor umbrellas in Dubai. Keep in mind that the larger the size, the more shade you get. Meanwhile, umbrella frames are usually made from wood or metal. Wood appears more natural-looking and perfect for rustic events, while metal is great for achieving a more modern vibe.