Key Tips for Creating Instagram-Worthy Wedding Spaces in 2023

Quater Moon Dining Table, White Curve Dining Table

Modern weddings don’t just celebrate a couple’s union. They are special events that guests look forward to, especially when hosted in a beautiful location with an eye-catching setting. Guests will want to take pictures they will be proud to show off, especially on social media.

Do you want your wedding to be that memorable and Instagram-worthy? Consider working with a professional event decor hire to transform your venue into a breathtaking space that suits your theme. With their help, you can make your big day look and feel unique. Besides, renting event décor can save you time and money when putting together a picture-perfect wedding space that can inspire guests to snap and upload photos and selfies while celebrating with you.

Aside from hiring stylish and up-to-date event décor and furniture, you can also apply these tips to create an Instagram-worthy venue for your wedding this year:

  • Choosing the perfect venue is a crucial decision for your wedding, as it sets the tone and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Consider your wedding theme and envision how the venue can represent the unique relationship between you and your partner. Additionally, a visually appealing space will enhance the Instagram worthiness of your wedding, inspiring guests to capture and share beautiful moments.
  • Once you have chosen the venue, it’s time to focus on selecting suitable wedding decor and furniture. Partnering with a reliable event decor hire company is key. Take the time to browse their extensive product catalogue to find elements that will transform your venue into an Instagram-worthy space. Consider unique options like LED furniture for a touch of modernity or elegant seating and tables that complement the outdoor setting.
  • Creating eye-catching centrepieces and incorporating elements like rustic lanterns, Arabic Majlis furniture, and attractive floral arrangements will captivate your guests’ attention and add charm to your wedding decor. Remember that people also love to showcase their culinary experiences on Instagram, so curating a menu that is as visually appealing as your decor will contribute to the overall Instagrammability of your event.

If you’re ready to embark on the journey of decorating your wedding, our team at Areeka Event Rentals is dedicated to helping you create captivating and Instagram-worthy spaces. Get in touch with us, share your requirements, and explore our extensive product catalogue to find the perfect event decor pieces to hire.