How to Throw a Birthday Party on a Budget

Birthdays only come once a year, and they deserve to be celebrated. However, spending tons of cash on a birthday bash can add up as you grow older. Maybe this year, you want to save, and the first step is to find a cheap party furniture rental company in your area.

Budget birthday party tips

  • Look for party furniture rental

Do you want to hold a themed birthday party? You have two options: go for a theme you already have decorations for, or look for event rentals in the UAE.

The latter is your best choice if you want to keep things fresh. Hiring party furniture services can keep your expenses low, allowing you to allocate your budget towards food and other elements.

What’s great is that cheap party furniture rental companies have items for just about any theme. For example, if you’re going for a cosy cocktail vibe, you can rent LED chairs and tables.

  • Keep it intimate

You may be tempted to invite your entire neighbourhood to your birthday party, but remember, more guests mean more expenses. So, if possible, try to keep things more intimate. You can invite your immediate family and a few of your closest friends, cutting costs further by sending invitations through text or email.

  • Turn your home into an event space.

Event venues can cost you thousands, depending on how long the party lasts. You can decrease your expenses significantly by celebrating at home, which is more convenient if you invite fewer guests.

Plus, if your home doesn’t have enough space to fit everyone inside, you can always host the party outdoors. Party furniture rental companies offer facilities and equipment for outdoor events, such as tents and umbrellas, heating or cooling systems, and decorative lights.


Are you planning to hire party furniture for your birthday celebration? Make sure to work with reputable event rentals in the UAE to save more of your precious time and money!