How to Make Wonderful Decorations for a Baby Shower Venue

Are you welcoming a new life into the world? This call for a celebration, and you should start planning it as soon as possible. It’s time to look for beautiful accessories and folding tables for hire, among other things.

Must-have decorations for your baby shower 


  • Invitations


Invitations will help your guests remember the most important details of the event. So don’t forget to include your baby’s name, venue location, and start and end times on the card. 


  • Folding tables and chairs


Did you hire a caterer for the baby shower? Make sure you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guest; and plates, glasses, and cutlery. If your venue can’t provide the furniture, consider renting folding tables instead of spending money on new items. 


  • Accessories 


Finally, make sure to set the mood with some decorative accessories. For instance, you can put up streamers and balloons around the venue, giving it a bit of colour. You can also rent LED lamps in different shapes and sizes, adding a dash of light to your tables. 

Finding the best folding tables for hire

It’s a better idea to rent your event furniture over buying new items you won’t use in the future. But where should you lease the pieces from? 

First, look for a trusted company offering various furniture options for different events. Thus, you don’t have to worry about renting tables from one place and chairs from another. Will the company help you move, arrange, and take down the furniture during the baby shower? These extra services can make a difference in handling the event, reducing your stress and saving time. 

And lastly, search for companies with reasonable prices. They should be able to tailor solutions according to your budget, whether you need folding tables for hire or LED lounge chairs.