How to Decorate Lounge Furniture at Wedding Party Venue?

Seating is one of the most important aspects of wedding receptions. Everyone will need a place to sit and relax while having ample chances to socialise. Setting up a lounge can cater to that requirement. A striking and comfortable lounging area will impress the most discerning guests and make your big day more memorable. If you’re worried about how your lounge will look, don’t worry because there is wedding furniture for hire, and reputable companies can help you set up and arrange the pieces you need to make the space conducive for mingling and relaxing.


Not sure how to decorate your lounge area? Listed below are some tips:


Consider your guests’ needs.

The lounge at your wedding party should accommodate guests when they need a place to spend a break between dancing and mingling with others. So, you might want to consider renting wedding furniture like sofas and armchairs. Consider placing some coffee tables there, too, so the lounge can still accommodate them for cocktails before the reception.


Mind the venue

Choose wedding furniture for hire that is appropriate for the setting of your event. It’s easier when the wedding is indoors, but considers the weather condition and the surrounding environment if you’re having an outdoor event. Waterproof or water-resistant pieces are great for outdoor events, but if you have a tent, you may be able to use regular pieces of furniture. Light-coloured or monochromatic furniture goes well with outdoor settings, too.


Think about your theme

Have a theme for your wedding in mind? Make sure it applies to your lounge, too. Reputable providers of wedding furniture for hire offer a wide array of products, including lighting, accessories, and others things to bring your vision to life.


Check with an experienced furniture rental company.

Find an established and experienced company specialising in furniture rental, and browse its inventory for some inspiration and ideas. The service provider can also handle the furniture set-up and arrangement with an in-house team.