Guide to Choosing the Best Dining Table in Dubai

Square Glass Dining Table, Clear Glass Dining Table, Black Dining Chair, White Dining Chair

Dining tables are essential furniture in many events, like weddings, corporate dinners, banquets, and birthday celebrations. They tell people where to go and sit to eat and socialise with other guests. They provide dedicated places for catching up and sharing stories with loved ones, too. 


That said, it’s not enough to simply choose any dining table in Dubai. You must think about the occasion, the number and demographics of your guests, the theme, and the venue. Not sure where to start? Here is a guide to help you make the best choices for your next event.


Mind the venue and your setup.


Before choosing a dining table, find out how much space is available at your venue and how you plan to arrange the seating. That way, you can choose an appropriate shape for the tables, like square, rectangle, and round.


Mix it up


If the space permits, you can choose different shapes or sizes of dining tables for your event. For instance, you can seat your closest family and VIPs at a long table, then choose round tables for the rest of the guests.


Your event’s theme or style


Pick a dining table in Dubai in a design that complements your theme or interior décor. Check the material, colour, finish, and shape and ensure it doesn’t stick out.


Number of seats


Choose a table that is large and spacious enough to accommodate everyone. For large parties that require multiple tables, aim to place at least six people at one table.


Don’t forget the comfort factor.


Comfort must be prioritised when choosing a dining table for events, yet many people forget about that. As a result, they end up getting something too tall or too short. Determine who’s coming so you can pick an appropriate table that will allow them to relax, sit down, and enjoy a meal comfortably.

Need extra help?

We hope these tips help you pick the perfect dining table in Dubai, but if you want more advice, Areeka is here to help. Explore our catalogue to see our selection of high-quality and stylish dining tables. You may also call +971 4 832 6646 for advice from one of our friendly experts.