Free Party Themes—Smart Solutions to Host a Party

Have you achieved something worthy of a celebration? It’s time to host the best party of your life, and give your guests a memory to last a lifetime! And don’t worry about not having enough experience in party planning. Top event planners can help you rent furniture, pick a theme, and make the most of your budget.

Trendy party theme ideas for your next big event

  • Retro

Are you feeling a little nostalgic? 1980s culture is all the rage today, and a retro-themed party would be perfect for the night-time. You can fill an indoor venue with flashing neon lights, hire a DJ to play the most iconic Michael Jackson tunes, and even encourage your guests to dress up in high-waisted jeans and colourful tops.

Plus, you won’t have trouble finding the right furniture for the occasion. Top event furniture rental providers offer LED pieces that would look dazzling at night, such as LED lounge chairs, curved LED bars, and moon-shaped LED lights.

  • Black and white

You can never go wrong with designing a party around the colours black and white. This theme is ideal for formal events such as weddings, business dinners, and conferences. And despite the limited colour palette, you can still find ways to be more creative with the theme.

For instance, why not rent furniture in both black and white? You can decorate the venue with pristine white chairs and tables while accenting it with black podiums, table runners, and candles. It would also be the perfect excuse for you and your guests to dress up in your most elegant looks.

  • Red carpet

Do you want to feel like a movie star? A red carpet theme is not only stylish but also easy to plan. You can go all out with your décor, rolling your very own red carpet across the middle of the venue. In addition, you can add a photo booth at the entrance, giving your guests a chance to flaunt their fits.

If you really want to get in the spirit of being a Hollywood superstar, you can even rent stanchion ropes in red, blue, black, or gold.


Want to keep your event budget on a tight leash? Instead of buying new decorations, you can rent furniture for the occasion! Leading furniture rental providers in the UAE have a vast inventory of furniture and accessories, and you can find pieces for just about any theme.