Coffee Culture in Abu Dhabi: Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table in the Year 2024

Mallorca Coffee Table, Marble Top Coffee Table, Rectangular Coffee Table

The UAE is known for its welcoming coffee culture that brings many people together. Whether at home or during gatherings, the right coffee table in Abu Dhabi can make a difference in providing a comfortable and inviting space for sharing caffeinated beverages and other drinks.

At Areeka Event Rentals, we understand how coffee symbolises hospitality and friendship, but we also recognise the importance of creating conducive spaces to enjoy it with friends and family. So, we carry a wide selection of coffee tables to meet any requirement.

We have elegant and sophisticated options like the Mallorca Marble Coffee Table that’s perfect for VIP celebrations and rustic pieces like this Norfolk Outdoor Wooden Coffee Table for exterior lounge setups. We’re confident that we have the perfect furniture to help you create the best space for sharing and indulging your favourite coffee beverages, no matter the occasion.

But how do you know which coffee table in Abu Dhabi is right for you? Keep reading this guide for answers from our experts.

Know your space

Check the space where you want to set the coffee table. You must make sure there is enough space to walk around the furniture, so maintain at least 18 inches between that and the sofa. Additionally, think about the table’s shape. If there are pets or children, look for a table with curved edges, like this Scandinavian Round Coffee Table or Le Minou.

For a big sitting area or sofa, we recommend a square or rectangular coffee table in Abu Dhabi, like this Avalon Gold and Lumiere LED. Do you want a traditional feel to your space? Check out Mahdia Mashrabiya, which suits traditional and modern Arabic Majlis setups.

Check the material and style.

From glass surfaces to wood, we offer a wide range of coffee tables in various materials to modernise your space or add a cosy, warm feel to it. Choose a material that goes with what you already have, and make sure the design vibes with your desired aesthetic. For an elegant, outdoorsy feel, check out this Orion Black Wire Coffee Table. For something more traditional or rustic, this Hairpin Square Coffee Table should do the trick.

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