Choosing Dining Chairs for Events in Dubai: Tips for Creating Elegant Seating Arrangements

dining chairs for events in dubai

For event organisers, the most common source of headaches is usually the seating arrangement. With so many things to consider, from the event’s theme to the guests’ preferences, it can be challenging to find the perfect chairs.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right dining chairs for your Dubai event.

Rent chairs instead of buying

Another common concern for event organisers is whether to rent or buy dining chairs. When you buy dining chairs, you’ll have a permanent seating solution, but it can be costly to store and maintain them. Not to mention the fact that your events’ seating arrangements may become monotonous. When you rent furniture instead, you will have:

  • access to a wide variety of chair styles,
  • the option to change up your seating arrangement according to each event’s theme,
  • the chance to have more seating options because of financial flexibility and
  • the convenience of not having to worry about storing or maintaining the furniture.

Arrange seating based on relationships and common interests.

As you plan where guests will sit, don’t forget to think about their relationships and shared hobbies. Putting people with similar interests next to each other can create interesting talks and a lively mood. Also, consider the professional and social connections your guests have. Placing those who may benefit from networking close to each other adds value to the event. This thoughtful seating plan not only makes the event memorable but also shows the effort put into planning.

Consider the event’s theme and style.

Naturally, the dining chairs you select should match your event’s theme and appearance. For formal occasions, choose classic and enduring chairs, such as our Eleganza velvet chair or our Dior dining chair. For more laid-back and informal events, our Hairpin rustic chair fits the bill perfectly.

Whether you decide to rent or buy dining chairs for your Dubai event, Areeka Event Rentals has got you covered. Browse through our extensive collection of high-quality and stylish dining chairs, or contact us at +971 4 832 6646 for assistance.