Chic Indoor Settings: Black Sabine and Selene Sofas for Stylish Comfort

black sabine and selene sofas

Once a mainstay of modern interiors, leather sofas in Dubai are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. These timeless pieces are reclaiming their rightful place thanks to their enduring appeal and versatility. At Areeka Event Rentals, we offer a curated selection of leather sofas for rent in Dubai. And for those seeking the perfect pieces, we particularly recommend the Sabine and Selene sofas.  Keep reading to discover why these exceptional sofas are the ideal choice for your next event.

You can’t go wrong with black.

Black furniture is elegant and timeless, making it widely preferred by customers who want to design chic and sophisticated lounging areas. The black Sabine sofa comes in 1- and 3-seater options, allowing you to create bespoke spaces for socialising and relaxing. In addition, these leather sofas in Dubai are versatile as seating for special high-end events, such as high-profile galas, jewellery launches, and black-tie parties.

If you prefer a leather sofa with clean lines, we recommend the Selene 3-seater. The armless sofa can also go with the Sabine 1-seater for a cohesive look. With these sofas, you can create inviting and chic reception areas, conversation hubs, and lounging spaces at high-profile occasions and business events.

Create a chic indoor space.

Here at Areeka, we carry everything you might need to create a custom, sophisticated sitting area. Sabine and Selene sofas are easy to pair with other pieces, such as the Devon Black Rectangular Coffee Table. Use it as a centrepiece in your sitting area or a low table in a traditional event for a contemporary touch. If you prefer a contrasting and striking look, pair the black Sabine and Selene leather sofas in Dubai with the white Devon Rectangular Coffee Table.

Available for sale or rent here at Areeka

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