A Fresh Start: Transforming Event Spaces with New Year Garden Furniture in Abu Dhabi

A Fresh Start: Transforming Event Spaces with New Year Garden Furniture in Abu Dhabi

Gardens are well-loved venues for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. However, they require comfortable and resilient furniture that can withstand inclement weather and fluctuating temperatures. That’s why you must be careful when selecting garden furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi, especially if you plan to transform your green outdoor space into an event venue.

Shopping for garden furniture can be as exciting as decorating for any occasion, especially when buying pieces from a trusted and established business. At Areeka Event Rentals, we carry an up-to-date selection of trendy and timeless pieces to help you transform your event space. Here are some design tips for making your garden a conducive event space with our furniture.

Pick your style

Before you start shopping, think of how you want your garden to look. Garden venues are versatile and can be styled in many ways, allowing you to create anything from a relaxed environment to an exciting and colourful setting.

‘Colorful’ and ‘minimalist’ are among the popular styles of garden furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi. This Ezzy Bean Bag Cushion in Red can be a bold and eye-catching accent to lush green surroundings. For something minimal, check out this Starburst Chair.

If you prefer a rustic theme, this Rustic Hairpin Chair can be a great choice. Plus, it’s versatile for any occasion, including gala events, weddings, and barbecues. For something elegant, this Gold Chiavari Chair lets you create a classy table setting for sit-down dinners, banquets, and formal parties.

Choose weatherproof elements

Look for garden furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi that won’t easily warp or get damaged when exposed to heat, moisture, and rain. This Pauchard Bar Chair is made of white metal that’s sturdy and stable for outdoor exhibitions and events. Meanwhile, this Clementine 8-seater Dining Table with Square Legs is made of wood, with a removable acrylic top that provides a unique accent to any table setting. Design your garden with us! Keep browsing our catalogue of garden furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi, and call +971 4 832 6646 for a quote.