5 Points to Consider When Making Furniture Arrangements for a Wedding

Seating can make or break the mood of a wedding. You’ll have to consider numerous factors, all of which revolve around your event furniture supplier in Dubai. So, where do you start?

Factors to consider while arranging your wedding furniture

  • Type of furniture

First, which pieces should you rent from event furniture suppliers in Dubai? Sit-down weddings require separate tables for the newlyweds and the guests, the appropriate number of seats, entry furniture or signage, and bars and lounges if the celebration continues through the night.

  • Theme

Your furniture should also match your theme and venue. For instance, if you’re going for a rustic vibe and holding the wedding outdoors, you’ll need wooden benches and tables. Meanwhile, if your reception involves a cocktail party, consider renting LED bars and lounges.

  • Accessories

Wedding decorations are all about detail. High-quality tables and chairs are not enough—you also need the perfect set of vases, the most beautiful flowers to go along with them, and just the right amount of light.

Luckily, top furniture rental companies also offer décor and accessories for weddings, including lamps, rugs, signages, and candle holders.

  • Guests

Don’t forget to think about your guests before planning a seating arrangement. You must consider each attendee’s needs, such as accessibility for the elderly and open spaces for kids.

In addition, it’s best to keep the right people together. For example, you can seat the bride and groom’s friends at one table, their immediate family at another, and so on.

  • Budget

Finally, make sure to keep everything within your budget. Renting your furniture through event furniture suppliers in Dubai can help you save tons of cash and allow you to focus more on top-quality catering and impressive entertainment.


Trusted event furniture suppliers can turn your wedding from great to grand. It’s best to contact them as early as now to avoid forgetting about your wedding furniture and decorations!