5 Event Rental Tent Accessories That Will Make Your Guests Comfortable

Thinking of holding an outdoor event? A rental tent in Abu Dhabi will make sure to keep you and your guests comfortable no matter the season. But of course, a special occasion deserves more than just a bare tent. So, which accessories and furniture should you add to your venue?

Top five accessories to add to your rental tents in Abu Dhabi

  • Air conditioning

Nobody wants to sit through the summer heat. Thankfully, you can keep your guests comfortable even outside with air conditioning units. All you need to do is rent a summer air cooler for your event, and your tent will feel less suffocating while you entertain your guests.

  • Heating

What if you’re holding an outdoor party at night or during the winter? Then, you might need heating instead of air conditioning. Fortunately, leading event rental companies offer a broad selection of heating appliances, including gas and electric heaters.

Take note that gas heaters are more effective at warming up large spaces, while electric heaters are ideal for smaller venues. Because of this, renting the latter may be cheaper, but you might need more than one unit to keep your guests warm and toasty.

  • Lighting

Lighting not only brightens up your venue but also adds a touch of elegance and style to the décor. So, when choosing lighting fixtures, make sure you consider their appearance and if they would match your theme.

For instance, Arabic lamps have a classic, vintage vibe, looking perfect next to Arabic carpets, centrepieces, and tents.

  • Seating

You can’t expect your guests to stand all day. So, don’t forget to rent seats for your event, making sure that you have enough to accommodate all your invitees. Trusted event rental companies offer dozens of seating options for different occasions, including sofas, bar stools, bean bag chairs, and picnic benches.

  • Umbrellas

Don’t have enough space in your tent to accommodate all guests? You can expand your outdoor venue with a set of umbrellas. These accessories can be a charming addition to your event, offering shade and protection from external elements.


You don’t need to visit several stores if you want to spruce up your rental tent in Abu Dhabi. Areeka Event Rentals is a trusted provider offering a wide variety of outdoor event furniture, including heating and cooling appliances, seating, and umbrellas.