3 Traditional Arabic Wedding Furniture to Include in Your Wedding

3 Traditional Arabic Wedding Furniture to Include in Your Wedding

The UAE is a place of culture, tradition, and luxury. From its modern high-rise towers to its intricate traditional architecture, it is a place that celebrates both the old and new. And one of the most important aspects of Emirati culture is weddings.


Traditional weddings in the UAE are lavish affairs full of decorations, colourful clothes, music, and of course, furniture. But while some couples might choose to source their own furniture, in many cases, furniture hire is the best and most practical way to get the perfect look for your big day. Here are the top 5 traditional Arabic wedding furniture hire pieces you should consider for your wedding:


Arabic Majlis seating 


The Arabic Majlis is a unique space that represents the traditional Arabic culture and is a symbol of hospitality where guests are warmly welcomed into the home. In the context of wedding decorations, creating an Arabic Majlis is a crucial element that reflects the rich cultural heritage and revered customs. To have an authentic and stunning wedding experience, it is essential to rent furniture that includes the iconic Arab Majlis seating, which allows the bride and groom to host their guests with comfort and style.


Arabic tents 


For a grand and regal atmosphere, Arabic tents are the perfect choice to bring a sense of tradition to your wedding. With intricate designs and bright colours, these tents provide an exotic backdrop that will leave guests in awe. Not only that, but they also serve as protection from the sun’s heat and provide a comfortable space for guests to relax, making your wedding one to remember.




This is another key piece of Arabic furniture to hire. The beauty of these pieces lies in their versatility, as they can be arranged in a variety of ways to make the most of your space. For a wedding, ottomans can be used as seating around the edges of the venue or arranged in the middle so guests can gather around it and socialise.


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