Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Areeka Events Organizing Services LLC is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and its governing laws are the local laws.
  • We accept Visa and Mastercard payments in AED and USD.
  • The customer agrees that the debit/credit card details provided by him/her for use of the aforesaid service(s) must be correct and accurate and that the customer shall not use a debit/credit card that is not lawfully owned by him/her or the use of which is not authorized by the lawful owner thereof. The customer further agrees and undertakes to provide correct and valid debit/credit card details.
  • Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.
  • Customer will receive the payment confirmation via email within 24 hours from the transaction.
  • The customer is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account.
  • Minors or customers under 18 years of age shall not transact or use the online payment option on the website.
  • We do not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and its sanctioned countries.

Delivery Policy

  • Areeka requires 50% down payment prior to delivery and the remaining 50% upon delivery.
  • Equipment shall be utilized for the stated purpose and at the stated location only.
  • The client must safeguard equipment against any loss or damage. Any damages discovered at the time of dismantling will be communicated immediately to the client. An invoice of the damages will be sent separately to cover the cost of repair/replacement.
  • Delivery service only pertains to the delivery, set up and dismantle of Areeka products. It does not entitle the client to request out of scope works such as ground cleaning, security, plumbing works, electrical works, etc.
  • All items shall be released by the client to Areeka at the end of the lease period. Should the client fail to release/return the goods on the agreed date and time, an extra charge will be invoiced to the client to cover rental costs per day.
  • Areeka’s logistics staff will be present on time for every delivery and dismantling as requested by the customer. Clients are requested to ensure that they are able to start setting up/dismantle immediately to finish their work as scheduled. Keeping the set up team idle or delaying their work will be chargeable per hour and an invoice will be sent to the client with the final figures.

Cancellation and Refund Policy


  • Customer will pay 30% of the invoiced amount if the customer cancels 1 week before the delivery.
  • Customer will pay 75% of the invoiced amount if the customer cancels 24 hours before the delivery.
  • Customer will pay 100% of the invoiced amount if the customer cancels after the items are delivered to the location.


  • Refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days depending on the issuing bank of the credit card.
  • Refund claims will not be honored if, after full disclosure about product specifications and/or quality, the customer confirms the order and deems the item/s unsatisfactory upon delivery.
  • Refund claims will not be honored if customer needs a certain item but ordered the wrong item. 
  • Refund claims will not be honored if, during self-pick up by either the customer or a third party hired or authorized by the customer, the item/s is/are deemed unsatisfactory upon reaching the location due to possible mishandling of the items during transportation.
  • Refund claims will not be honored if the customer still uses the item/s for the duration of the rental period and only reports the item/s unsatisfactory or damaged after the rental period.